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Mentioned in last post that “all the originals are still alive in the UK.” Not so anymore — Maxim UK has shuttered. (As has Arena, which I always liked.) Bugger.

Sent off

Blender’s dead. Yes, another magazine obit — who cares, right? Magazines are toast, right? Maybe they are, maybe they aren’t — whatever the case, Blender’s not the canary in the coalmine. But Blender’s end, to me, is a sad final gasp for the British Invasion that was never as good as it ought to have been. I read Loaded when I lived in London in the mid-90s, when I had no particular plans to go into the magazine business, and I thought it was brilliant. […]

This is a picture of the inside of a tavern that sits on the border of Croatia and Slovenia. Literally on the border — the far side of the yellow line is Slovenia, the near side Croatia. It is an interesting article about how those crazy Balkans still can’t give it a rest, with Slovenian nationalists trying to scuttle Croatia’s plans of joining NATO. The title is not “Despite Feud, Croats and Slovenes United by Humorous Painting of Dogs Playing Pool.” That’s a shame –the […]

Bible belt

Shot glass that says “Give us a shot,” handed out at bars by Cross Point United Methodist Church in Bondurant, Iowa. Unfortunately all you get is the glass, so you still have to pay for what’s in it. Jesus.

…beats a no-arsed attempt. India Pale Ale was fermented at sea, over the course of the 100-day voyage to India. The brew’s peculiarities — higher levels of alcohol and hops — were necessary to preserve it on the journey. Now, of course, breweries just do it as best they can on dry land because really, why take beer on a sea cruise if you don’t have to? Well the noble Scots at BrewDog decided to do it the old way just because. They put their […]

Economy’s a bit crappy–time to warm up the old “unemployed women going into stripping and porn” story. Though this AP reporter does better than most by getting to Steve Hirsch and Larry Flynt. In times like these, sexism is a cruel fact of the job market. Stripping and porn may be viable (if unforeseen) fall-back careers for many educated and skilled women, but what about men who’ve been pink-slipped? Demand for junk remains a fraction of what it is for the other stuff.

UFO art class

BBC: Britain’s Ministry of Defence has released the third installment of its UFO files. Somewhat fascinating stuff, for sure — numerous pdf files of it here. Best thing about secret files like these is always is the attempts by shook-up witnesses with no great artistic skill to draw what they thought they saw…

53 free Playboys

Well this is fairly cool. Fifthy-three complete issues of Playboy magazine, one from each year, availalble at The issues are complete, so you get all editorial content. Complete, and that means advertisements, too — always some of the more interesting items in the time capsule. Complete, with front cover, back cover, table of contents, etc. Are we all clear that these are complete issues? Then why still that blank look, Chester, as if I still have not answered your question? Yes, you get the […]

This was forwarded to me by a young friend who felt that the kid-on-pizza action was a bit suggestive. I would give it a break except that it does seem to have disturbed the Gerber baby so much. It’s one thing to get a leg over on a slice, it seems to me like a victimless crime, but please — not in front of the toddlers.

Zero zero zero

Well, dishonest is a strong word here. But it is a fair point. Speaking of round things, I hope when I get old people give me donuts, not take them away. Old people should get donuts whenever they want. [ty obscr]

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