Anderson Cooper loses cool over this picture, calls guy a ‘Moron’

Wait, what if it <em>wasn't</em> Photoshopped?

Wait, what if it wasn't Photoshopped?

Well it’s a little complicated—see, a guy posted this cop/bondage picture today while Cooper was on site in devastated Joplin, Missouri; someone tweeted that “the @andersoncooper shot is #photoshopped.” Cooper, thinking (I presume) the guy was implying that images of destruction in Joplin were (for some reason) manipulated shot back “You are a Moron.”

Likely all a big misunderstanding, and explained in more detail at Gawker. But I do like it when Anderson’s claws come out, and I would like to see him drop the M-bomb on some idiot on live TV.

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