You’ve got to pick up every stitch

_45577208_000180959-1BBC: It’s a veritable witch hunt in Gambia, which has invited witch doctors from Guinea to hunt witches. What could possibly go wrong? Gambian police and army are on the case, though, ensuring that no villagers can escape and that all suspected witches have enough diarrhea-inducing potion to drink.

NYT: Demise of David Alan Grier’s Chocolate News and D.L. Hughley’s CNN shows chalked up to difficulty of finding the right black man for the job. Tip: Get someone who’s funny and/or intelligent. Sure, Conan O’Brien has been successful, but that doesn’t mean any old Irish-American will do. Why, just look at Jimmy Fallon.

Slate: Guy hates six things about NCAA tournament and — stop the presses — leads off with Duke. Yet, “compared with past Duke teams, the 2009 model isn’t particularly deplorable.” So why not do five things. And actually his hating on Joe Lunardi is weak too. So maybe just hate four. It’s about quality of hate, not quantity.

Daily News: Ailing music industry wants royalty money from broadcast radio. Who wants that honey? Billy Corgan wants that honey. Although there may not be space for any more in his Hyundai Genesis coupe, which came with a trunkful of honey standard.

Slate: Girl ponders telling boyfriend, “If we adopt we’ll have a better shot of having decent-looking ones than if I let you impregnate me with your hideous sperm.” Prudence, you want me to take this one? Sorted.

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