I am sad that Lou Reed is no longer with us, and I have read many heartfelt tributes to the man I once considered my third-favorite songwriter (behind Bob Dylan and Elvis Costello) and the musician behind my third-favorite album (New York, which trailed Paul’s Boutique and Blood on the Tracks). This is not a heartfelt tribute. It’s a memory of my first encounter with Lou, which occurred (of course) on MTV. Here was this not-so-young singer, supposed to be a big deal for some […]

I’m referring of course to the Lynsie Lee’s employer; Lynsie Lee is the girl Cory Booker mildly flirted with on Twitter a year ago. She works at Casa Diablo, the first and (I would guess) only vegan strip club in existence. This is really a non-story. But — Vegan strip club! Wonder if the Portlandia people have — oh. They have: Was this post worth breaking my 21-month streak of not posting to my own website? That is for you to judge. See you in […]

Manhattan Extended, 1922

Thanks the Rock, who likes the idea that “Staten Island, now isolated, will become as accessible as Brooklyn.” I am a bit more turned on by the phrase “lineal miles for new wharves” but it’s a tantalizing idea either way.

How many of us have seen that commercial for the new phone that shows a young Asian girl, she is clearly amateur and possibly a YouTube sensation, singing “When I get older, I will be stronger…” Show of hands, who knows this commercial? Ok, a couple. Me, when I saw it I was at first reminded of one of my all-time favorite YouTube clips: Yeah, I know, this Applegirl is Asian but playing on iPhones, and the “When I get older” girl is on a […]

Well it’s a little complicated—see, a guy posted this cop/bondage picture today while Cooper was on site in devastated Joplin, Missouri; someone tweeted that “the @andersoncooper shot is #photoshopped.” Cooper, thinking (I presume) the guy was implying that images of destruction in Joplin were (for some reason) manipulated shot back “You are a Moron.” Likely all a big misunderstanding, and explained in more detail at Gawker. But I do like it when Anderson’s claws come out, and I would like to see him drop the […]

From TurnOffTheBlueLight.ie, a site that campaigns for sex workers’ rights (slogan “Sex workers need human rights, not legal wrongs”). Extremely… interesting. I may smirk at Ireland for its Catholic repression, but I don’t imagine I’ll see anything like this on construction-site walls in NYC. One to grow on: Irish sex workers are really cute!

In 1971, assorted bin Laden brothers, sisters, and cousins visited Falun, Sweden, while one of the elder brothers conducted business with Volvo. Which one is Osama? Answer here.

No new posts in over two months? How unsightly. Here’s a business card distributed by a plastic surgeon; it has two holes and some stretchy rubber — put your fingers through the back and her breasts swell unnaturally before your very eyes! Brilliant. Copyranter: Female plastic surgeon’s fake boobs business card. That reminds me — my humanitarian work for Playboy.com has moved to Playboy’s tamer site, TheSmokingJacket.com — here’s my archive: The Smoking Jacket: Girlwatcher archive

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