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From Comics with Problems, “Dignity and Respect: A Training Guide on Homosexual Conduct Policy”. The nitty gritty of the awkward protocols dictated by a bizarre policy told in comic book form — it ain’t exactly Sgt. Rock. Actually, it may be Sgt. Rock — we’re didn’t inquire re: Sgt.’s hardness and if we knew we wouldn’t tell.

True story: I was a little uncomfortable leaving the big NYC penis image at the top of the page. What if I didn’t post for a week or two — do I want this thing dangling there indefinitely? Like the old saying about wearing clean underwear in case you’re hit by a car crossing the street. So I did up a post on this video (below), which had me laughing out loud in the Starbucks the first time I watched it, and told WordPress to […]

Gee you’re dumb

No, John Mayer is not dumb. He may be a douchebag — for a couple of years now, that’s been a cool thing to say (“John Mayer is a douchebag,” just like that), and he himself has publicly wrestled with the issue. But I think he is of above-average intelligence. Can’t really say that about everyone in the celebrity-news echo chamber. I was just perusing the usual gossip sites for the blog I write at and found this in the links section at pretty-good […]

They say the internet is a series of chairs. This is some stuff stuck to the bottom of those chairs. British retailer eliminates so-called “boobage penalty.” Actually nobody has called it the “boobage penalty.” I just made that up. Stand back, I’m a professional writer. Honestly I didn’t think Eddie Izzard could be any funnier. But that’s before I saw his bits done in Lego form. Death Star Cantina. Do you have a flag?, Romans/Carthaginians/Elephants, etc. Yes I know these are old. Last night Colbert […]

I not dead

What the world needs now is another lamer who starts a blog, then after an initial flurry of posts lets it go to seed. But I have actually been posting, just not here — I’m working on The Blow Up, Playboy’s Entertainment Blog. I plan to keep this going as well, if sporadically. In an earlier post I described a Dali/AT-AT tattoo as the geekiest ever. This has got to be the just plain worst ever. Source Afrojacks agrees. Title of this post is a […]

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