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It’s pretty cool when your seven-year-old son is walking around the house singing “Werewolves of London” without any instruction on the subject. I know he’d heard the song before but today he heard it in the car and it put its hooks into him. He could not stop with the “Awoooooo.” I thought it a teachable moment — we got onto the Spotify and I pulled up other Warren Zevon songs and played them — he was unimpressed. And I had to admit — as […]

I’m referring of course to the Lynsie Lee’s employer; Lynsie Lee is the girl Cory Booker mildly flirted with on Twitter a year ago. She works at Casa Diablo, the first and (I would guess) only vegan strip club in existence. This is really a non-story. But — Vegan strip club! Wonder if the Portlandia people have — oh. They have: Was this post worth breaking my 21-month streak of not posting to my own website? That is for you to judge. See you in […]

How many of us have seen that commercial for the new phone that shows a young Asian girl, she is clearly amateur and possibly a YouTube sensation, singing “When I get older, I will be stronger…” Show of hands, who knows this commercial? Ok, a couple. Me, when I saw it I was at first reminded of one of my all-time favorite YouTube clips: Yeah, I know, this Applegirl is Asian but playing on iPhones, and the “When I get older” girl is on a […]

What the frick?

What are the last words a redneck says before he dies? “Watch this…” EMBED-Basketball Trick Shot Fail – Watch more free videos

When it comes to TV commercials for products you apply to your intimate areas, nothing can top the ’80s spots that began “Mom, do you ever get that … not-so-fresh feeling?” I wonder whether I would still be so sure of myself if I spoke Japanese. This is potentially just as good.

Boom boom pow

Why do I keep posting soccer videos? Must be the slow creep, creep, creep of World Cup Fever. Here’s an outstanding celebration from the Danish Superliga. Love the Superliga.

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