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The Oxford English Dictionary has chosen “unfriend” as its word of the year. Problem: The term is de-friend, not unfriend. I have de-friended numerous people over the years. Twitter is a different matter — on Twitter you follow, and then when the person starts spouting a bunch of Fox News garbage you unfollow. But on Facebook and MySpace you do not unfriend. You de-friend. Unfriend doesn’t sound at all right. That was my reaction when I heard of the OED’s pick. It was also Facebook […]

Gee you’re dumb

No, John Mayer is not dumb. He may be a douchebag — for a couple of years now, that’s been a cool thing to say (“John Mayer is a douchebag,” just like that), and he himself has publicly wrestled with the issue. But I think he is of above-average intelligence. Can’t really say that about everyone in the celebrity-news echo chamber. I was just perusing the usual gossip sites for the blog I write at and found this in the links section at pretty-good […]

Tom Brokaw, Melissa Theuriau, Katie Couric and Seth Meyers keep bugging me on Facebook, waving around checks with my name on them. I know many of you are feeling the pain of recession, and I’m here to tell you there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Just sit tight and be a good person and pretty soon you’ll be getting checks from newscasters and comedians as well.

I asked the Playboy Advisor and got the straight story: Penis-enlargement is big business. Pun unavoidable. 1. Whip up a placebo (usually made of oats) with a suggestive name. 2. Devise a convincingly unpolished infomercial (these people are not actors — they are men with small penises and accredited urologists willing to lie for money). 3. Count the cheddar, baby. Those pushing name-brand trouser snake oil are making hundreds of millions of dollars off of nothing, and unless they’re dumb enough to renege on money-back […]

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