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Phoenix pastor Pastor Steven Anderson: “I hope that God strikes Barack Obama with brain cancer so he can die like Ted Kennedy and I hope it happens today.”

I not dead

What the world needs now is another lamer who starts a blog, then after an initial flurry of posts lets it go to seed. But I have actually been posting, just not here — I’m working on The Blow Up, Playboy’s Entertainment Blog. I plan to keep this going as well, if sporadically. In an earlier post I described a Dali/AT-AT tattoo as the geekiest ever. This has got to be the just plain worst ever. Source Afrojacks agrees. Title of this post is a […]

Bible belt

Shot glass that says “Give us a shot,” handed out at bars by Cross Point United Methodist Church in Bondurant, Iowa. Unfortunately all you get is the glass, so you still have to pay for what’s in it. Jesus.

Japan trying to replace robotic, affect-less runway models with actual robots. “‘Even as a fashion model, people in the industry told us she was short and had a rather ordinary figure,’ says Hirohisa Hirukawa, one of the robot’s developers.” Mamma Mia, thatsa spicy capitalist junk food. North Korea gets pizza. “Chefs were sent to Italy for training by leader Kim Jong-il, who said North Koreans should be able to try the world’s best foods.” It’s official: Monkeys practice better dental hygiene than me. Video of […]

It doesn’t bother me that people buy more liquor in tough times. It bothers me that gun sales are up. It’s only natural that Campbell’s soup is selling better. But the Jesus? Are people really buying what he’s selling as the Dow dives? Some religious folk are pushing the idea. With no jobs or money, we’re more likely to believe that the Jesus can carry us along sandy beaches. The old it-can’t-hurt rationale for churchgoing. Pew says it isn’t true.

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