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You Stay Classy, Boise

It’s not a big deal when Will Ferrell does an impersonation. It may be funny, but it’s not like “wow, I didn’t expect him to be such a good Alex Trebek.” And it’s not really so easy to do an impression of Will Ferrell. De Niro, you can do an impression of, Marlon Brando, you can do an impression of, Sean Connery, sure. But who is Will Ferrell? He makes his living being not-himself. How about this, though: On Halloween, the sports guy on Boise’s […]

No new posts in over two months? How unsightly. Here’s a business card distributed by a plastic surgeon; it has two holes and some stretchy rubber — put your fingers through the back and her breasts swell unnaturally before your very eyes! Brilliant. Copyranter: Female plastic surgeon’s fake boobs business card. That reminds me — my humanitarian work for has moved to Playboy’s tamer site, — here’s my archive: The Smoking Jacket: Girlwatcher archive

The tarring and subsequent firing of Shirley Sherrod is wrong in so many ways — Breitbart and company are utter tools, which isn’t exactly news, but the White House and Tom Vilsack have reacted poorly, to say the least. All I’m gonna say is this. If you’re being a douchebag in the public square, if you’re out there spouting cynical garbage — stuff you know isn’t even true but you say it to play to your racist followers — do try to avoid silly typos. […]

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