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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Text of President Donald Trump’s inauguration speech, to be delivered in Washington, DC, January 20, 2017. My fellow Americans. I stand here before you fully aware that I face a divided nation. Real Americans who voted for me, and losers. But I say to you we are all Americans. Some of us are just not Real Americans, but being a fake American is still a kind of American. Let me say that even though we don’t see eye to eye, I welcome […]

The tarring and subsequent firing of Shirley Sherrod is wrong in so many ways — Breitbart and company are utter tools, which isn’t exactly news, but the White House and Tom Vilsack have reacted poorly, to say the least. All I’m gonna say is this. If you’re being a douchebag in the public square, if you’re out there spouting cynical garbage — stuff you know isn’t even true but you say it to play to your racist followers — do try to avoid silly typos. […]

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