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What follows is a found document, with publication date of 2017. Presented without comment. INTRODUCTION You the reader, or the student or whatever, young person, maybe you want to read this or somebody’s making you. Somebody is probably making you read it. You’re there with this book and let me tell you—you’re lucky it’s this book and not the rotten piece of garbage they were reading last year. I wrote this book and I’ll be honest with you, it’s fantastic. You’ll be very pleased with […]

I’m referring of course to the Lynsie Lee’s employer; Lynsie Lee is the girl Cory Booker mildly flirted with on Twitter a year ago. She works at Casa Diablo, the first and (I would guess) only vegan strip club in existence. This is really a non-story. But — Vegan strip club! Wonder if the Portlandia people have — oh. They have: Was this post worth breaking my 21-month streak of not posting to my own website? That is for you to judge. See you in […]

Well it’s a little complicated—see, a guy posted this cop/bondage picture today while Cooper was on site in devastated Joplin, Missouri; someone tweeted that “the @andersoncooper shot is #photoshopped.” Cooper, thinking (I presume) the guy was implying that images of destruction in Joplin were (for some reason) manipulated shot back “You are a Moron.” Likely all a big misunderstanding, and explained in more detail at Gawker. But I do like it when Anderson’s claws come out, and I would like to see him drop the […]

This is awesome: Man Robs Long Island Bank Wearing Darth Vader Mask. Actually he was also wearing the cape and breast plate — looks like he was about 2/3 fully ‘Vadered. I just wish I knew what he said to the teller. Was it the basic “Gimme all the money” or did he put on a James Earl Jones voice and say something silly like “Luke, I am your bank robber…” Awesome. Oh, yeah, stealing is wrong.

Phoenix pastor Pastor Steven Anderson: “I hope that God strikes Barack Obama with brain cancer so he can die like Ted Kennedy and I hope it happens today.”

Sing it, Katie

This may go down as the pinnacle of Auto-tune the News. Oops — there’s the door. Must be my lettuce dealer with fresh leaf.

Gee you’re dumb

No, John Mayer is not dumb. He may be a douchebag — for a couple of years now, that’s been a cool thing to say (“John Mayer is a douchebag,” just like that), and he himself has publicly wrestled with the issue. But I think he is of above-average intelligence. Can’t really say that about everyone in the celebrity-news echo chamber. I was just perusing the usual gossip sites for the blog I write at and found this in the links section at pretty-good […]

This is a picture of the inside of a tavern that sits on the border of Croatia and Slovenia. Literally on the border — the far side of the yellow line is Slovenia, the near side Croatia. It is an interesting article about how those crazy Balkans still can’t give it a rest, with Slovenian nationalists trying to scuttle Croatia’s plans of joining NATO. The title is not “Despite Feud, Croats and Slovenes United by Humorous Painting of Dogs Playing Pool.” That’s a shame –the […]

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