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Here’s just the sort of thing that gets me going. “Gets me going” perhaps a poor choice of words — but for me, as a kinda-ex-Playboy guy who likes forgotten music and fetishizes everything having to do with bygone bachelorpad-ism, a picture like this is like a papyrus scroll from Giza. Look at that sweet hi-fi sunk into the wall. The maracas above her right foot, the sliver of bongo drum at the edge of the frame. And the records, left to right — well, […]

Justin Townes Earle is Steve Earle’s son, and he’s really good. I got to meet him for a profile I wrote for Inked. Nicest guy in the world, though — and I don’t mean to generalize — you often get that with recovered heroin addicts. We should all wake up every day feeling so lucky to be alive. I had this song lodged in my head for a solid week after our chat, it’s some catchy old-timey stuff: Justin Townes Earle, “The Good Life” from […]

Which is better

“I’m a Cuckoo” from Dear Catastrophe Waitress was the best song Belle and Sebastian put out post-Boy With the Arab Strap. What makes it more appealing? Stuart Murdoch in jogging shorts: …or Lisa and Molly in hats slapping each other? Yeah, not really a fair fight, is it.

BBC: It’s a veritable witch hunt in Gambia, which has invited witch doctors from Guinea to hunt witches. What could possibly go wrong? Gambian police and army are on the case, though, ensuring that no villagers can escape and that all suspected witches have enough diarrhea-inducing potion to drink. NYT: Demise of David Alan Grier’s Chocolate News and D.L. Hughley’s CNN shows chalked up to difficulty of finding the right black man for the job. Tip: Get someone who’s funny and/or intelligent. Sure, Conan O’Brien […]

Wanted: Lilo, etc.

Warrant issued for Lindsay Lohan’s arrest. System of a Down drummer buys Action Comics #1 for $317,200. Melee breaks out at America’s Next Top Model auditions. Miley Cyrus: “Stinkin’ Radiohead. I’m gonna ruin them.” Obit: Alan Livingston signed the Beatles to Capitol, created Bozo, wrote “I Tawt I Taw a Puddy Tat.”

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