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A $60,000 salary [in New York] buys the same standard of living as someone making $26,092 in Atlanta, according to the Center for an Urban Future. Bearer of bad tidings was Jason Buhrmester. If you live in Atlanta, buy his book — you can afford it.

Economy’s a bit crappy–time to warm up the old “unemployed women going into stripping and porn” story. Though this AP reporter does better than most by getting to Steve Hirsch and Larry Flynt. In times like these, sexism is a cruel fact of the job market. Stripping and porn may be viable (if unforeseen) fall-back careers for many educated and skilled women, but what about men who’ve been pink-slipped? Demand for junk remains a fraction of what it is for the other stuff.

It doesn’t bother me that people buy more liquor in tough times. It bothers me that gun sales are up. It’s only natural that Campbell’s soup is selling better. But the Jesus? Are people really buying what he’s selling as the Dow dives? Some religious folk are pushing the idea. With no jobs or money, we’re more likely to believe that the Jesus can carry us along sandy beaches. The old it-can’t-hurt rationale for churchgoing. Pew says it isn’t true.

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