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I was looking around at the state of pub-it-yourself magazines (in one of those Screw all y’all, I’ma make my own damn magazine moods) and found this amazing document on a site called MagCloud. It’s called Gigi, the Black Flower by Josh Gosfield, and it’s a collection of retro-designed media that tells the fictional story of the French pop chanteuse Gigi Gaston. It’s the catalog or companion piece to an exhibit at a gallery in New York.

Nutty buddy

When Vibe went down, Complex pulled together an impressive look at dead hip hop magazines. Ballsy considering Marc Ecko himself is about out of cash. (Or has Complex solved the puzzle? Complex Media’s publisher says they have, but that’s his job.) Many years ago when I spent my days in the south Bronx tapping out biographies for a reference publisher, I was contacted by a budding publishing magnate to write a profile of Russell Simmons. I suppose I must have written a Simmons bio in […]


Mentioned in last post that “all the originals are still alive in the UK.” Not so anymore — Maxim UK has shuttered. (As has Arena, which I always liked.) Bugger.

Sent off

Blender’s dead. Yes, another magazine obit — who cares, right? Magazines are toast, right? Maybe they are, maybe they aren’t — whatever the case, Blender’s not the canary in the coalmine. But Blender’s end, to me, is a sad final gasp for the British Invasion that was never as good as it ought to have been. I read Loaded when I lived in London in the mid-90s, when I had no particular plans to go into the magazine business, and I thought it was brilliant. […]

53 free Playboys

Well this is fairly cool. Fifthy-three complete issues of Playboy magazine, one from each year, availalble at The issues are complete, so you get all editorial content. Complete, and that means advertisements, too — always some of the more interesting items in the time capsule. Complete, with front cover, back cover, table of contents, etc. Are we all clear that these are complete issues? Then why still that blank look, Chester, as if I still have not answered your question? Yes, you get the […]

Ob-la-di Ob-la-da

BestLife is dead. I can’t decide whether to be surprised. I thought it never had a chance in the first place, and I have never really known a lot of guys who would buy it. But somehow it hung in there, weathering tsunamis that were leveling other magazines, so I had to suspend my disbelief. Ok, somebody must be buying it. As with most struggling/dying magazines, the problem isn’t a lack of readers, it’s a lack of advertisers. A loss of faith that self-fulfills like […]

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