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Economy’s a bit crappy–time to warm up the old “unemployed women going into stripping and porn” story. Though this AP reporter does better than most by getting to Steve Hirsch and Larry Flynt. In times like these, sexism is a cruel fact of the job market. Stripping and porn may be viable (if unforeseen) fall-back careers for many educated and skilled women, but what about men who’ve been pink-slipped? Demand for junk remains a fraction of what it is for the other stuff.

Such sweet sorrow

Aww, this is cute. Neil baked his boss a cake with his letter of resignation on it. [ty BB] You know what they should do? They should bake you a cake that tells you you’ve been laid off. As someone who’s been laid off a couple of times (thank you, magazine industry), I can say that a few slices of cake would have softened the blow.

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