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Top 10 Francos

James Franco, James Franco, James Franco. Actor James Franco. Writer James Franco. Artist James Franco. Grad student James Franco. Are you sick of James Franco? He may be a neat guy, but he’s hardly deserving of all this adulation. He’s not the greatest person ever. He’s not even the greatest Franco ever. Not even close. These are the 10 best Francos, and James doesn’t even make the top six. Read and learn: 10. John Franco Relief pitcher, New York Mets, 1990-2004 9. Francisco Franco Dictator […]

You Stay Classy, Boise

It’s not a big deal when Will Ferrell does an impersonation. It may be funny, but it’s not like “wow, I didn’t expect him to be such a good Alex Trebek.” And it’s not really so easy to do an impression of Will Ferrell. De Niro, you can do an impression of, Marlon Brando, you can do an impression of, Sean Connery, sure. But who is Will Ferrell? He makes his living being not-himself. How about this, though: On Halloween, the sports guy on Boise’s […]

This is awesome: Man Robs Long Island Bank Wearing Darth Vader Mask. Actually he was also wearing the cape and breast plate — looks like he was about 2/3 fully ‘Vadered. I just wish I knew what he said to the teller. Was it the basic “Gimme all the money” or did he put on a James Earl Jones voice and say something silly like “Luke, I am your bank robber…” Awesome. Oh, yeah, stealing is wrong.

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The pre-Avatar media blitz was something else, wasn’t it? Seemed you couldn’t pick up a magazine or turn on the telly without seeing a profile of James Cameron. When I read the New Yorker‘s take on him, I got hung up on this: “Creating a universe is daunting,” George Lucas said. “I’m glad Jim is doing it—there are only a few people in the world who are nuts enough to. I did it with ‘Star Wars,’ and now he’s trying to challenge that. It’s a […]

Is there a term for this?

The 1970s was a hell of a decade for film — I don’t really feel the need to back that statement up. Yes, The Godfather, Apocalypse Now, Taxi Driver, Chinatown, The Deer Hunter, even Star Wars — the list goes on, and they’re all great. But even genre films, and particularly Blaxploitation, were often pretty good. Shaft, Superfly, Truck Turner, Pam Grier movies — these are eminently watchable and re-watchable films. Yet I’ve a nagging theory that there is a comparable genre of white cinema. […]

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