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Nice one

Why do I still want to like Kanye West? So the guy says a lot of stupid things, so he comes off as a big baby with a huge ego and no self-awareness. So what? If you want a “George Bush doesn’t care about black people” moment, you might have to tolerate idiocy like this. Still, on balance I’m pro-Kanye — I like enough of his songs, he seems like sharp dresser, and the blog he pays someone to write at is addictive. But […]

Gee you’re dumb

No, John Mayer is not dumb. He may be a douchebag — for a couple of years now, that’s been a cool thing to say (“John Mayer is a douchebag,” just like that), and he himself has publicly wrestled with the issue. But I think he is of above-average intelligence. Can’t really say that about everyone in the celebrity-news echo chamber. I was just perusing the usual gossip sites for the blog I write at and found this in the links section at pretty-good […]

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