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No new posts in over two months? How unsightly. Here’s a business card distributed by a plastic surgeon; it has two holes and some stretchy rubber — put your fingers through the back and her breasts swell unnaturally before your very eyes! Brilliant. Copyranter: Female plastic surgeon’s fake boobs business card. That reminds me — my humanitarian work for has moved to Playboy’s tamer site, — here’s my archive: The Smoking Jacket: Girlwatcher archive

I was looking around at the state of pub-it-yourself magazines (in one of those Screw all y’all, I’ma make my own damn magazine moods) and found this amazing document on a site called MagCloud. It’s called Gigi, the Black Flower by Josh Gosfield, and it’s a collection of retro-designed media that tells the fictional story of the French pop chanteuse Gigi Gaston. It’s the catalog or companion piece to an exhibit at a gallery in New York.

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