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I’m referring of course to the Lynsie Lee’s employer; Lynsie Lee is the girl Cory Booker mildly flirted with on Twitter a year ago. She works at Casa Diablo, the first and (I would guess) only vegan strip club in existence. This is really a non-story. But — Vegan strip club! Wonder if the Portlandia people have — oh. They have: Was this post worth breaking my 21-month streak of not posting to my own website? That is for you to judge. See you in […]

Here’s just the sort of thing that gets me going. “Gets me going” perhaps a poor choice of words — but for me, as a kinda-ex-Playboy guy who likes forgotten music and fetishizes everything having to do with bygone bachelorpad-ism, a picture like this is like a papyrus scroll from Giza. Look at that sweet hi-fi sunk into the wall. The maracas above her right foot, the sliver of bongo drum at the edge of the frame. And the records, left to right — well, […]

They say the internet is a series of chairs. This is some stuff stuck to the bottom of those chairs. British retailer eliminates so-called “boobage penalty.” Actually nobody has called it the “boobage penalty.” I just made that up. Stand back, I’m a professional writer. Honestly I didn’t think Eddie Izzard could be any funnier. But that’s before I saw his bits done in Lego form. Death Star Cantina. Do you have a flag?, Romans/Carthaginians/Elephants, etc. Yes I know these are old. Last night Colbert […]

Wanted: Lilo, etc.

Warrant issued for Lindsay Lohan’s arrest. System of a Down drummer buys Action Comics #1 for $317,200. Melee breaks out at America’s Next Top Model auditions. Miley Cyrus: “Stinkin’ Radiohead. I’m gonna ruin them.” Obit: Alan Livingston signed the Beatles to Capitol, created Bozo, wrote “I Tawt I Taw a Puddy Tat.”

Underage porn star

Assume what you want about my day job, but really — I don’t know a whole lot about hardcore porn. Really, I don’t. But I do know the party line on Sasha Grey. She’s the porn star who might have a career in mainstream films too, see her in Steven Soderbergh’s Girlfriend Experience later this year and judge for yourself. Do a Google image search and you’ll find lots of pictures of her doing her porn star thing. You’ll also find this image, which I […]

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