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Anatomy of the city

On the subway today trying to explain the MTA map to the curious kid. Looking at it anew, I noticed — not that I shared this with him — yeah, it does look like a shlong, doesn’t it? All in all it was a nice visit to the Upper East Urethra but I’m glad to be home in west Bozack. [Image from Subway Art Blog.]

I was looking around at the state of pub-it-yourself magazines (in one of those Screw all y’all, I’ma make my own damn magazine moods) and found this amazing document on a site called MagCloud. It’s called Gigi, the Black Flower by Josh Gosfield, and it’s a collection of retro-designed media that tells the fictional story of the French pop chanteuse Gigi Gaston. It’s the catalog or companion piece to an exhibit at a gallery in New York.

This is a picture of the inside of a tavern that sits on the border of Croatia and Slovenia. Literally on the border — the far side of the yellow line is Slovenia, the near side Croatia. It is an interesting article about how those crazy Balkans still can’t give it a rest, with Slovenian nationalists trying to scuttle Croatia’s plans of joining NATO. The title is not “Despite Feud, Croats and Slovenes United by Humorous Painting of Dogs Playing Pool.” That’s a shame –the […]

UFO art class

BBC: Britain’s Ministry of Defence has released the third installment of its UFO files. Somewhat fascinating stuff, for sure — numerous pdf files of it here. Best thing about secret files like these is always is the attempts by shook-up witnesses with no great artistic skill to draw what they thought they saw…

BMEzine: It’s not always skulls, pierced hearts and angry Disney characters. There is in fact a brisk market for intentionally geeky tattoos. Like reeeeally geeky. Like Star Wars AT-AT a la Salvador Dali. I don’t expect the designation to hold up for too long, but for the sake of argument I will call this the geekiest tattoo I have ever seen. [ty bb, coop]

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