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They say the internet is a series of chairs. This is some stuff stuck to the bottom of those chairs. British retailer eliminates so-called “boobage penalty.” Actually nobody has called it the “boobage penalty.” I just made that up. Stand back, I’m a professional writer. Honestly I didn’t think Eddie Izzard could be any funnier. But that’s before I saw his bits done in Lego form. Death Star Cantina. Do you have a flag?, Romans/Carthaginians/Elephants, etc. Yes I know these are old. Last night Colbert […]


Mentioned in last post that “all the originals are still alive in the UK.” Not so anymore — Maxim UK has shuttered. (As has Arena, which I always liked.) Bugger.

Sent off

Blender’s dead. Yes, another magazine obit — who cares, right? Magazines are toast, right? Maybe they are, maybe they aren’t — whatever the case, Blender’s not the canary in the coalmine. But Blender’s end, to me, is a sad final gasp for the British Invasion that was never as good as it ought to have been. I read Loaded when I lived in London in the mid-90s, when I had no particular plans to go into the magazine business, and I thought it was brilliant. […]

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