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I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard this commercial on TV tonight — wait, did that guy in the pickup just say what I think he said? See if you catch it: “Chevy Silverado delivers a quiet cab that’s second to nobody in its class — and by ‘nobody,’ I mean Ram and Ford.” Wow. Just wow. I bet someone got paid a lot of money to write that. Probably a team of people. And it was vetted by an agency, and by Chevrolet. […]

How many of us have seen that commercial for the new phone that shows a young Asian girl, she is clearly amateur and possibly a YouTube sensation, singing “When I get older, I will be stronger…” Show of hands, who knows this commercial? Ok, a couple. Me, when I saw it I was at first reminded of one of my all-time favorite YouTube clips: Yeah, I know, this Applegirl is Asian but playing on iPhones, and the “When I get older” girl is on a […]

From, a site that campaigns for sex workers’ rights (slogan “Sex workers need human rights, not legal wrongs”). Extremely… interesting. I may smirk at Ireland for its Catholic repression, but I don’t imagine I’ll see anything like this on construction-site walls in NYC. One to grow on: Irish sex workers are really cute!

When it comes to TV commercials for products you apply to your intimate areas, nothing can top the ’80s spots that began “Mom, do you ever get that … not-so-fresh feeling?” I wonder whether I would still be so sure of myself if I spoke Japanese. This is potentially just as good.

Bible belt

Shot glass that says “Give us a shot,” handed out at bars by Cross Point United Methodist Church in Bondurant, Iowa. Unfortunately all you get is the glass, so you still have to pay for what’s in it. Jesus.

Cracked’s list of 9 Corporate Attempts at Edgy that Failed is pretty good, although the top spot is slightly botched. They got the corporation right — McDonald’s — but not the attempt. You could think on it all day long and still not come up with anything more clueless than the 2005 banner ad that said “Double cheeseburger? I’d hit it!” Daily News: Nation’s most inclusive state, New Jersey, suddenly has something against Brazilians. Slate: Britney Spears is so If-You-See-Kay-ing clever I can’t stand it. […]

I asked the Playboy Advisor and got the straight story: Penis-enlargement is big business. Pun unavoidable. 1. Whip up a placebo (usually made of oats) with a suggestive name. 2. Devise a convincingly unpolished infomercial (these people are not actors — they are men with small penises and accredited urologists willing to lie for money). 3. Count the cheddar, baby. Those pushing name-brand trouser snake oil are making hundreds of millions of dollars off of nothing, and unless they’re dumb enough to renege on money-back […]

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