Top 10 Francos

James Franco, James Franco, James Franco. Actor James Franco. Writer James Franco. Artist James Franco. Grad student James Franco. Are you sick of James Franco?

He may be a neat guy, but he’s hardly deserving of all this adulation. He’s not the greatest person ever. He’s not even the greatest Franco ever. Not even close. These are the 10 best Francos, and James doesn’t even make the top six. Read and learn:

John Franco

10. John Franco

Relief pitcher, New York Mets, 1990-2004

Francisco Franco

9. Francisco Franco

Dictator of Spain, 1939-75

Ani DiFranco

8. Ani DiFranco

Folk-punk singer

James Franco

7. James Franco

Actor, etc.

Frank O'Hara

6. Frank O’Hara


Franco-American Spaghetti-Os

5. Franco-American

Inventor of Spaghetti-Os

Franco Zeffirelli

4. Franco Zeffirelli

Film director, The Taming of the Shrew (1967), Romeo and Juliet (1968), Endless Love (1981), Hamlet (1990)

Leryn Franco

3. Leryn Franco

Paraguayan Olympic athlete (javelin) and swimsuit model

Franco Harris

2. Franco Harris

Pittsburgh Steelers running back (1972-83), famous for the “Immaculate Reception”

Victor Franko

1. Victor Franko

Character in The Dirty Dozen (1967) played by John Cassavetes

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  1. Great infos ! i always respect John Franco 🙂 he’s a legend

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