Chevy Silverado Ad: “We’re Third Best”

I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard this commercial on TV tonight — wait, did that guy in the pickup just say what I think he said? See if you catch it:

“Chevy Silverado delivers a quiet cab that’s second to nobody in its class — and by ‘nobody,’ I mean Ram and Ford.”

Wow. Just wow. I bet someone got paid a lot of money to write that. Probably a team of people. And it was vetted by an agency, and by Chevrolet. And an actor said it, and a director filmed it, and video people edited it, then it went back to the agency and Chevrolet for final approval.

And nobody involved caught the error. Nobody in this chain of gifted communicators understands how the English language works. And by “nobody” I really do mean nobody.

[Yawn] I’m off to bed, to get a solid eight hours of sleep. And by “solid eight,” I mean almost four.

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