A few things your dad liked

Naked lady with records 1962
Here’s just the sort of thing that gets me going. “Gets me going” perhaps a poor choice of words — but for me, as a kinda-ex-Playboy guy who likes forgotten music and fetishizes everything having to do with bygone bachelorpad-ism, a picture like this is like a papyrus scroll from Giza. Look at that sweet hi-fi sunk into the wall. The maracas above her right foot, the sliver of bongo drum at the edge of the frame. And the records, left to right — well, the first four are gimmes, but then it gets tough:

Les Baxter’s Wild Guitars
Les Baxter’s African Jazz
Rene Touzet, Mr. Cha-Cha-Cha
Les Baxter, Tamboo!
Dance Date with Dick Jurgens
??? clearly it’s called Let’s Dance the Cha Cha, but I can’t find an artist for an album by that name
Ernie Heckscher, Dance atop Nob Hill
Jackie Davis, Most Happy Hammond

The mystery cha-cha cover is bugging me. Original image found here.

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