I’m makin’ love to it

Cracked’s list of 9 Corporate Attempts at Edgy that Failed is pretty good, although the top spot is slightly botched. They got the corporation right — McDonald’s — but not the attempt. You could think on it all day long and still not come up with anything more clueless than the 2005 banner ad that said “Double cheeseburger? I’d hit it!”

Daily News: Nation’s most inclusive state, New Jersey, suddenly has something against Brazilians.

Slate: Britney Spears is so If-You-See-Kay-ing clever I can’t stand it. Next single “I’d Sure Like To, Seymour Butts” is catchy too.

ESPN: Check your tournament bracket against that of the Leader of the Free World. Currently I’m a few points down to our president, but for me it’s not about winning or losing these piddly first-round matchups. As long as the Portland State Vikings make the finals I’m pretty confident I will win the office pool.

BBC: I don’t know the answer to this question. But we as a nation share our grief by watching common cable TV news networks. We fume in our living rooms but that doesn’t stop us from getting up to go to work the next day. Should we cross our fingers and take solace that Chris Matthews (or O’Reilly if you must) will address our concerns on a given night — or should we be out marching in the streets? I cannot imagine Americans laying down their tools to spend the day walking around saying, basically, “This isn’t fair.” Or “We need the government’s help.” Yet that’s how they do it in France. On the other hand, that’s how they do it in France.

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